Monday, July 10, 2006

Swiss Army Couch

Swiss Army Couch - Luxist

You just knew it would happen, some one actually came up with a swiss army couch, yup complete with the standard swivel. It unfolds, and can turns 360. Really cool...

Swiss Army Couch
Luxist, CA - Jun 25, 2006
The distinctive multi-functionality of a Swiss Army knife is the thing that makes it useful and appealing to so many people. San ...

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Swiss Army Knife of herbs

Life-enhancing lavender - Cleveland Plain Dealer

Anothe good anology of our humble swiss army knife. According to Jody Byrene from the DayBreak Lavender Farm, the lavender is the Swiss Army Knife of herbs. Read it all here:

Life-enhancing lavender
Cleveland Plain Dealer, OH - Jul 8, 2006
... "I call it the Swiss Army Knife of herbs," Byrne says. "It's the only herb that can be used in healing, decor, culinary, crafts and aromatherapy.". ...

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Human Swiss Army Knife

Africans helped us to see the light - Seattle Post Intelligencer

The swiss army knife has become so ubiquitous it is used to describe a multi faceted human being, in this case, a guide and tracker, Richard Avilino from Botswana.

Africans helped us to see the light
Seattle Post Intelligencer - 19 hours ago
... memory and already missed. First among them is guide and tracker Richard Avilino, the human Swiss Army knife. Then baobab tree expert ... photo

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Swiss Army Knife for the ladies!

Miss Army Knife - Popgadget

Forget all the boy's toys stereotype on the humble Swiss Army Knife! Swiss Army Knife goes... Pink! Miss Army knife "features flashlight, keychain, needle & thread,safety pin, corkscrew, mirror, pen, tweezers, perfume bottle, bottleopener, screwdriver, scissors, knife, ruler, nail file, and pill box."

Don't know about the color though :) You can check it out miss army

Miss Army Knife
Popgadget - Jul 4, 2006
So we’ve seen the Swiss Army knives that have tools specific to fishing, watchmaking, golfing ... The Miss Army Knife is the all-in-one pocket tool for the girl-on ...

Miss Army Kit And Pocket Knife...In Magenta

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